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Your Heartís Desire MP3 Song Download: Born

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We were born perfect
In every way
Beaming with golden Light
Blessed with, “I can”
Can you remember?
You were born
Filled with your Holy Plan
It is not lost to you
It’s waiting inside
What keeps us cradling
Beliefs in our own limitations?
What keeps us circling
Below what we are
What keeps us looking on
While life just whirls
All around us
What keeps us living, “no”
When we’re made to be, “yes”

We were born
To medal in every race
See God in every place
To dance the I Am
Can you Remember?
You were born
With Power beyond your dreams
To embrace every living thing
With heart open wide
What keeps us holding on
To memories of
Deep separations
What keeps the distance
Between you and I
What keeps us wishing hard
Starving on
What if’s and maybe’s
What keeps us living “no”
When we’re made to be “yes”

Here’s to the wounded years
Here’s to the pain
Here’s to the blame I’ve laid
Here’s to mistakes
Here’s to the critic’s eye
Born in my childish fear
Here’s to those shaky walls
All covered with tears
Here’s to the ways I bought
Here’s to lost time
Here’s to leaving it all behind

We were born
With not one care in the world
Why not return to there?
I know we can
I know we can

†† †† † † † † † † † †©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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