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Ask Your Guides MP3 Song: The One You Seek

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Most have been taught to live yearning for that something to come to us, ignoring the clarion call from the inner depths of their own Being. We seek others for answers and techniques and comfort and love and validation. Too often it becomes a journey with little reward...why, because it flies in the face of our Celestial design. We are designed for the oh so much more. Until these times an incarnation was about working hard to remember who we are. Not so much in these new times. The template of I Am as You is activating and calling for your recognition and embrace. In that new framework begin to see that all journeys lead back to you. Yes, you are the one you have been looking for. Out with the soul mates and perfect partners and the answers in the mail. Bring in and ring in your open conduit to Whole Self, where, indeed, you find who and what you have long sought. Take your waiting hand and walk and your inner child self...caution: happy times ahead!
(previously released on the CD, Building My Field of Dreams)
Searching through the mountains Searching through the trees
Searching through the canyons Searching through the dreams
Seeking out completion Searching for the whole
Hungering to hold the One Yearning for a home
       Oh, the one you seek  The one you seek is you
       Stop and take your waiting hand
       Oh, the one you seek  The one you seek is you
       Go within to greet I Am I Am

     © 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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