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Be Love, See Love Song Download: Everywhere I Go

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The theme of the Northwest Unity Region Uniteen Summer Camp in 2013 was Oneness. I had been exploring the idea of Oneness since 1987 when I first heard it and started slowly writing songs that would reflect the interconnection of life. In those days it was about connecting with the Earth, the animals, the plants, etc...and not so much about with other humans.Let's just say I had some issues to work through.

Fast forward 26 years and there I am with a greater understanding and willingness to celebrate the unity we are by design, but not quite by action yet. It comes down to the knowing that I Am a unique expression of the I Am Source interfacing with everything...period. This songs begins to address that.

Everywhere I Go
Northwest Uniteens Camp

I look around and I see me
Everywhere I go there I Am
It seems like Life is living me
Every Golden Moment
Is there to keep me flowing
A gift to push me open
To see myself, to free myself, to be myself
C. 2013. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.
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