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Heart's Desire MP3 Song Download: Awakening

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So much of life we often feel asleep, out of touch, going through the steps of living we have learned and remain committed to. While all the while the expanded life is out there dancing in clover fields, calling your name...reaching out a hand...texting...sending Uber cars for a quick pick get the picture. The cosmic call is to wake up.

The line Christ that I Am is a New Thought acknowledgement that you carry within your heart the Christ Essences that gives you the very keys to the kingdom that others have all others...because it is a bonus part of your spiritual design in human

So, listen to this lilting major seventh song to gently lift you out of the long sleep. There is so much waiting for you to engage. t is imperative that you remember as soon as possible that you are, you are, Divine. Then you get to live in that land of alert, alive, awake, and enthusiastic. It's yours for the taking. Wake up, little one...everything is there for you.


I Am awakening
Out of the sleep
Out of the dream
I Am awakening
Into the moment
Into the Christ that I Am
I feel the Power
I see the Light
I walk with Knowledge
That I Am, I Am, I Am
                            ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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