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Hello World MP3 Song Download: Do I Love Me?

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One of the greatest challenges for humans, especially in Western cultures, is to have a sense of value, a strong, solid self-esteem. For several thousand years we have been reminded, told, programmed that we are limited beings, filled with flaws. We are taught that, by the luck of the draw, some people have it, are better, than we are. We are taught to make ourselves better. We are taught to look for the flaws and the things that are wrong. Then we seek someone to fix it all for us. In other words, self love is not really a supported option. Oh, it's given lip service but there is a fine line that you can not cross or it becomes conceit, arrogance, and an I'm-better-than-you presence. 

This song, an uptempo pulsing song in the Solar Plexus key of E, where power and action, and part of self esteem reside energetically, serves to remind us of the bigger picture of the world we live in. It intends to stir the inner pot to begin to jettison the energetic debris that has seed beliefs of less-than. It asks us the question about how much do you love yourself...mostly to activate the awareness that this is something that can be done, and must be done. 

And because this was a time, in the early 90's when the Just Say No anti drug programs  were in vogue, I included some references to healthy self love choices. I did this mostly to solicit funding from the resources available for drug prevention programs and assemblies. The whole issue is more complex that just saying no, but it was a vehicle to start the inner remembering in each child in the audience. It was such a high to listen to and watch 300 children signing "I really love me".

Self love is an ongoing process, more so in the beginning as we are undoing so much misinformation to plant solid seeds of remembering our own value. Enjoy the journey.
There’s a world out there calling
It’s as pretty as can be
Underneath that face of beauty
There are challenges for me
They could be out there On a corner
Or even right here in my home
What I’ll do and what’s for me
The choice is mine alone
There may be times When I feel lonely
I might be angry or afraid
I might feel like no one loves me
Like I want to run away
I can reach for Something harmful
Make believe that’s all OK
Drugs won’t make problems Disappear
The choice is mine to make
   Do I love me, do I love me
   How will I live my life
   Do I love me, do I love me
   I wanna live life fight, for me
I sat through all the programs
I know that drugs can Mess my life
I guess it all comes down
To what I think of me
And what I Am inside
I don’t want to hurt my body
I don’t want to wreck my home
So what I’ll do and what I’ll be
The choice is mine alone
Do I love me, do I love me
How will I live my life
Do I love me, do I love me
I wanna live life fight, for me

              © 1989.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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