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The practitioners of Hospice provide a magnificent process that addresses one of the greatest challenges for humans transitioning form from physical life to physical death…isolation. Their tender, compassionate, and respectful presence insures that one passes knowing they have been witnessed as alive, as human, no matter what else, what drama, may be playing out in the familial realm. So much happens as the being prepares to return to the greater knowing. Revelations occur as the veil of fear is transcended. Miracles happen with relationships. Healings occur. One’s awareness expands to clear away misunderstandings and open inner vistas to a greater expansive reality. And sometimes, nothing happens as the one simply carries their treasured perspectives to the other side.

Death is also about those left behind, integrating the event, dealing with the details, processing the inevitable flow of feelings.

Three arenas, the dying, the ones left behind, and the Hospice practitioner…all with feelings and energy about what is happening. Much of it hard to express, explore, or understand. Many have no one to talk frankly with. And this is where music can be so very valuable. The songs included on these two CDs intended for Hospice use are powerful vehicles of clearing, release, and healing. Listening to them opens up one on a cellular platform to allow the greater wisdom from within to sweep through. I invite you to explore this music and see how simply playing it the background can shift the energy, the vibrations, the resistance, the understanding, the experience…

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