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It was in 1987 when I just went to Unity Church of San Luis Obispo, California, for the first time, after quizzing people about where to find a spiritual community. I took their advice, went and then joined the following need to dally. When I joined I was asked about the kind of service i was willing to commit to. As a full time teacher and performing musician at the time, I chose to offer a song once a month for the Sunday service. Easy commitment since I was already writing songs a lot...but this was a pivotal moment for me as it would shape my musical life to this day.

My Mother had given me the Spinet piano that had always been around the house. It was set up in my house and I was learning how to play it. I was doing the boom chick left hand right hand thing kind of in a guitar way. But I was also practicing to get some separation in my hands to allow a more fluid accompaniment style.

Now I had grown up around a set of monthly periodicals that my Mother received from the I Am Discourse folks located in Mt. Shasta, California. I was always glancing in these New Age books and was growing in the ideas that were beginning to shape my thinking and living. Since this song was for Unity, a definite New Thought/New Age movement, I decided to use those words I Am as the title for my first "spiritual" song.

I don't really know how I did it but this song poured out of me, and the ability to play the piano grew as I wrote the song, kind of like I was pulling technique from a past life ...hmmm...The song was beautiful, soaring, and showcase my vocal range that was much higher in those youthful days. I was impressed and went forth on Sunday to present my inaugural song. It was a magical experience for me....and, apparently for the congregation as well...for when I finished they rose as one to give me a standing ovation. I was moved to tears to be appreciated like that...especially after playing in clubs and cafes so much while people chatted and drank and the dishes clanked. 

needless to say, I was inspired. And thus began my devotion to writing empowering spiritual songs in first person for the congregants, When I became music director I would pen a new song or two for debut each Sunday. I Am was the first of over a thousand songs that have come through me since that Sunday in early 1987. I am blessed and filled with so much gratitude.
Deep in the heart of you
The very core of you
A little Light shines
Brighter than the brightest star
And if you will listen
It will tell you of the Universe
And with so much to gain
You with your little flame
A thousand lifetimes
Dancing on this earth plane
Seeking your Source
The toughest course in the Universe
And though it seems clear
Sometimes you feel the fear
But then you start to hear
Standing at the threshold
Sweet Inspiration
Gliding on an angel of the Universe  who sings
       I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am,
       I Am, I Am, I Am
Here in the present time
You are as you’ve designed
Turning to the inside
Finding what you’ve long denied
All that you really are
A shining star in the Universe
One day in Unity As life was meant to be
Filled with the knowledge
Of the Power that’s your destiny
You’ll find your freedom
Wrapped in the arms of the Universe
Deep in the heart of you
The very core of you
A little Light shines
Brighter than the brightest star
And if you will listen
It will tell you of the Universe
               © August 30, 1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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