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I Feel God's Power Song MP3 Download

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I must have been listening to some Classical Music or Baroque Pipe Organ cadenzas when I created this song. I wanted to make it reflect God's it needed to be big. I used an old musical motif that moved to new chords every bar in a rising and falling process. It needed to feel like there was a reciprocity going on throughout the whole piece. God/human...breathe in and breathe out...feeding and nurturing one another.

I wanted the verse to fill the singer up to the point that when the "Praise" lifted it all into Celestial realms, there was a noticeable expansion within. I really like how this song moves and breathes in spirit and solidifies the connection that outlasts forever. 

I feel God’s Power Rise within me
Forever flowing from my Soul
It washes clean my Mind and Body
All That I Am now pure and Whole
Praise God Praise God

                İMarch 11, 1995. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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