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Song from CD What Lies Beyond: As A Child

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For the most part I loved being a child. Despite some rather intense experiences that diverted my path for quite awhile, I still found joy in the sweet moments of living. I have done my best to stay child-like. For most of my adult, life I have been around children as a teacher. My music, since it flows from the creative center at the Sacral Chakra, which also houses joy, passion, and the child energy, has also served to be a vehicle that kept me invested in my child self.

When I was working with Support Group Network, I often used music and original songs to assist in the message and the experience. In facilitating groups to be self sustaining, we spent several weeks on addressing the inner child, particularly from the model of Eric Berne, and his Transactional Analysis work. It was powerful stuff. 

This song in D, the Sacral Chakra key, was penned to address the eternal child within us, who, despite the distractions and wounds from the moments of living, always lies waiting for the re-union with the nurturing, protective adult self to happen. Even as adults, we reach back to recapture the spirit and the action of the child self. When we are in joy, it is often childish and child like. Inevitably, when one turns toward healing, it passes through the tender land of the inner child for clearing and loving connection.

Listen to this song a lot. Allow its message to contact your own inner child. It is likely you will feel a stirring as the memories wake up to reveal and to clear any debris attached to them. Start going to that child a lot and reclaim your innocence, and imagination, and love of the will be happy you did. Life is good as a child...

Life is good as a child
Celebrate the day that’s just begun
Running free, running wild
All is sweet as a child
Time stands still as a child
Anywhere is just a breath away
Look that butterfly, just smiled
A day’s a year as a child
    As a child I was so bold
    As a child I never thought of growing old
    Lived to learn the mysteries
    I could talk to the trees
    Endless wonder as a child
Uncomplicated is the child
So unconcerned about the day to day
Every step is so worthwhile
The simple days as a child
I’m trying to live life as a child
Rollin’ with the tide that wants to
Carry me away
Still making progress all the while
Going back to find the child
    As a child I was so bold 
    As a child I never thought Of growing old
    Lived to learn the mysteries
    I could talk to the trees
    Endless wonder as a child
                  ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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