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Sound Alchemy Resources: The New Vibration CD

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Chanting is an ancient practice that distracts the mind and brings about a specific, intended state. All cultures chant, especially the indigenous, for they can grasp the power of intentional repetition. In these new times chants give way to intentional songs. Like sung affirmations, these songs clear your vibration and open the doorway to your subconscious self where your personal paradigms and beliefs hold court. These high frequency intentional chants resonate with thoughts and vibrations that can replace the worn out limited thinking that has been there for so very long. Original intentional songs combined with Native American chants and Hindu devotional songs so you can take an energetic journey into the higher vibrational world of the I Am That Is You.
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1. A New Vibration
2. Blessed Be*
3. Wendeyaho
4. Radhe Bol
5. My Life Is Unwritten
6. Kuake Lano Lano Mahote
7. Kal Akal
8. Hey Hey Ungua
9. Love Is All
10. Father/Mother*
11. A Gathering of Hearts
12. Shout the Four Directions*
*previously released
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01 The New Vibration

02 Blessed Be

03 Wendeyaho

04 Radhe Bol

05 My Life Is Unwritten

06 My Life Is Unwritten

07 Kal Akal

08 Hey Ungua

09 Love Is All

10 FatherMother

11 A Gathering Of Hearts

12 Shout The Four Directions