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Translucent You CD

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For almost 10 years I traveled with Sonia Choquette, her sister Cuky Harvey, and a host of powerful healers to Kauai, Hawaii for five day transformational experiences for thirty people. I created music for this beautiful experience that included movement, singing and chanting, body work, art/creative therapy, and ongoing connection with the cleansing and healing power of the natural world of the island. These songs form the core of the experience and wove their way through the daily temple gatherings and celebrations that accompanied the opening up of each participant. I am very grateful for the experience and all the beautiful souls I met in the healing journey we all took. Listen and you will pick up the vibe that still can do the deeper work on anyone who opens to it.
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1. Become Iridescent
2. Preparing the Soil
3. God in Every Face
4. A Brand New Day
5. Roots
6. Boundaries
7. Believing Eyes
8. We Were Born
9. Feel the Fear
10. In the Beginning
11. If the Truth Be Told
12. I Love You I Set You Free
13. I Must Take Good Care of Me
14. As If
15. Thank You for Loving Me
16. Born to Be
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01 Become Iridescent

02 Preparing The Soil

03 God In Every Face

04 Brand New Day

05 Roots

06 Boundaries

07 Believing Eyes

08 We Were Born

09 Feel The Fear

10 In The Beginning

11 If The Truth Be Told

12 I Love You I Set You Free

13 Take Good Care Of Me

14 As If

15 Thank You For Loving Me

16 Born To Be