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True Balance CD Complete MP3 Download

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Another in the books by Hay House author, Sonia Choquette, that I translated into song. Key ideas are made singable so that the listener can integrate them into flesh. This CD is a combination of full song and intentional, chant-like repetitive songs. This blending helps to create the feeling of balance that permeates the set. Being in balance is a conscious choice at least in the early days. Once one finds that place all of the bodies, as well as the mind, realign to maintain the frequency of wholeness. The key is in finding that place first, The creations on this CD assist you in making that happen. New perceptions of self and life give birth to new beliefs which bring forth a different life of higher frequency.

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1. Theme One
2. Theme Two
3. Like a Tree
4. I Do What Gives Me Life
5. I Am a Hero
6. Love the One You’re With
7. If the Truth Be Told
8. The Face of God
9. Holy
10.When the Balance is True

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01 Theme One

02 Theme Two

03 Like A Tree

04 I Do What Gives Me Life

05 I Am A Hero

06 Love The One Youre With

07 If The Truth Be Told

08 The Face Of God

09 Holy

10 When The Balance Is True