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Twelve Powers MP3 Download: Understanding

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Many have been taught to worship the mind and the intellect. Facts are formed and manipulated to elevate the mind to be right. Often the intellect perpetrates one's own company line, likely learned through the myriad of moments lived and the misinformation that leaked in. So be it. The mind will always dwell in the head, even though it is fed by the back side if the Solar Plexus. What is needed is to pull the mind down into the viscera where deeper truth gathers to elicit understanding. One must learn to integrate the Whole Self, which includes the body and all that that entails, in order to reach a state of perpetual balance. 

Thus, I wrote this song in C as I wanted to go to the Root to call upon the Earth energy to assist in pulling the mind down, ideally to the heart. The integration of and the subsequent living in the heart brings a gentle dance of the flow in action. The Christ Light emanates from the heart center. Through it we have clarity that moves as discernment which leads to understanding. Much that we have bought into as normal is merely illusion, fabricated out of necessity and then taken as gospel. be it.

If you want to come home to your design, the balanced state, then you must be willing to apply discernment on your treasured beliefs. List them and then look into them through the heart to find what they are made of. Jettison any that no longer serve you. You can teach an old dog new tricks...

Open the door to the heart and let it be fed by the Earth and the Celestial frequencies aligned with your Whole Being. Do so and you will, quite simply, understand the Big Picture.

Into the intellect
Knowledge absorbs
Then to the heart
It opens a door
Awakened to Love
Deeper it grows
True understanding
Eventually Flows into life
     ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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