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Jesus, The Christ CD

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My many years as musical director at Unity Church of San Luis Obispo, California gave me many opportunities to create original music that was spiritual and expansive in content. Part of my responsibility was to integrate the spirit of the Jesus, The Christ, story into the yearly Christmas and Easter programs. Early on, I reached for a monumental channeled book from the 50’s, The Urantia Book, to explore a particular telling of the Jesus story in a more personal, human way. I resonated with it so much that music began to flow. Creating first for the Easter story, I went on, over time, to flesh out the Christmas story as well. These songs focus on the Easter story. They are engaging, reframing the familiar story with a more metaphysical perspective. I became personally invested in these moving songs…as I know you will.
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1. Precious Jesus Boy
2. Have You Heard?
3. Apostles
4. Women Who Love Jesus
5. Palm Sunday
6. Gethsemane
7. Judas
8. When I Am Gone
9. It Was the Day
10. 2000 Years
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01 Precious Jesus Boy

02 Have You Heard

03 Apostles

04 Women Who Love Jesus

05 Palm Sunday

06 Gethsemane

07 Judas

08 When I Am Gone

09 It Was The Day

10 2000Years