Mantras and Chants Utilizing the power of repetition, intention, and release, we are capable of significantly expanding and balancing the nature of our moments and our experience of them. Consciously using the voice to sing, chant, or speak statements of intention and affirmation is an empowering process initiated thousands of years ago. As mantra, chant, or intentional song we can positively and profoundly alter thoughts, beliefs, patterns, choices, and actions.

Characteristics of Chants
  1. Have been sung for thousands of years in cultures around the world
  2. Are repetitious by design to help clear and focus the mind
  3. Are often made up of powerful sounds or a statement of conscious, spiritual intention
  4. Create a meditative, reflective mind state to relax and balance energetic bodies
  5. Stir the spirit and activate the life force
  6. Collective vibration amplified by chanting together in a group
  7. Help to distract from negative, repetitive thought patterns
  8. Can be sung together or in call and answer
  9. Can open hearts, lift Spirits, bring inner peace, connect and unify people, align us with Spirit, ease suffering, give voice to deeper yearnings…
  10. Chant is anchoring, facilitates entrainment, engages the breath, elicits sonic effects, and is amplified by clear intention
Characteristics of Mantras (Sanskrit for “that which protects and purifies the mind”)
  1. Are specific, sacred statements of spiritual intention from a particular tradition, typically Hinduism and Buddhism, often calling upon specific Deities for support
  2. Like sound seeds planted in the mind which germinate a higher vibration to clear lower frequency interference
  3. The sounds themselves are quite powerful and directly impact the chakras and energy bodies
  4. Amplified and empowered by the number of times spoken in the past
  5. Repeated a specific number of times for a specific time period in a specific rhythm
  6. Can be done in the silence of the mind or spoken in a sing song manner
  7. Traditionally spoken 108 times using mala beads as a counter
  8. Can quickly alter a vibration to create the desired inner state through repetition and tone
  9. In current times mantras are both spoken and sung

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