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Translucent You MP3 Song Download: Become Iridescent

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This song opened up every single of the 20+ experiences we facilitated in that constructed temple at the Sheraton in Poipu, Kauai. It was the promise of what was to come. We all sang it over and over for fifteen minutes. It was the introduction to the deeper resonating truth within each participant. Calling for the Light to become iridescent. The song is in G, utilizing the Throat Chakra intention to open the conduit from the depth of the body to express, sing, release, enjoy.

Interesting that though this CD had many songs pulled from previous CDs and events of mine, it also had new songs that were created with Kauai in mind. I had never traveled to Hawaii as I lived on the coast of California and to me that was all I needed. Prior to our first Translucent You experience I was at a Unity Southwest region Minister's Retreat in Lake Arrowhead, the snow!. Yes, sitting in the warm room by the fire writing songs about a deeply personal experience in Kauai. Thank you, mini-hoonies, for the insight and the melodies. They sure did work...

The thirty participants came with the promise of waking up to their own magnificence, becoming alive. The last lines, asking "Do you want to really feel alive?", were my favorite. And as each session in the five day experience began with this song the intensity and commitment of the singing grew in leaps and bounds as did the Light pouring forth from those travelers. It was inspiring...yes, there it is!...that perfect essence! Do you see it?!

You’ve traveled to this island
To return home
Your body, mind and spirit
Have stood alone
Bring back the perfect essence
That lies within
Let go of all you hold on to
Be whole again
       Become iridescent
       Let the Light within you Freely shine
       Peel the layers To become translucent
       We beckon you to fully Feel alive
       Do you want to fully Feel alive?
           ©1999.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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