USB Flash Drive Bundles More and more the availability of CD players is diminishing, especially in the latest models of new cars. This change necessitates the use of USB Flash Drives to contain the music. As memory has lowered in cost the size of the drives has increased. I have chosen to create bundles of 5 or more CDs on a single drive. In most cases I have included the CDs that support a theme as an energetic Musical Prescription. When you purchase one you are getting a powerful collection to support you and your vibration on deep and expansive levels.

Listed below are the currently available (January 2020) bundles from which to choose. Ciick on each to access the contents and to purchase for delivery. Downloads are available as a single CD only, not the package.

Musical Prescription Set One: Manifestation

Musical Prescription Set Six: Relationships

Musical Prescription Set Seven: Relaxation/Stress Reduction

Musical Prescription Set: Self Care

Youth Package One

Complete Youth Package Two 

Sound Alchemy Super Bundle

Seasonal Self Care Bundle: Fall

Seasonal Self Care Bundle: Winter

Seasonal Self Care Bundle: Spring

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$70.00 $47.00