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Wake Up MP3 Song Download: Give In, Give Out

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The relationship between Heaven and Earth, is a reciprocal one. As the conduit that stands between the two, we, as humans, are invested in feeding both. There is the giving, and then there is the receiving. No matter what, the river must flow. If we fall down on either end of the process, then there is blockage. By design we cannot do more of one over the other, for there must be is the Law.

So, do you give more that you receive, or vice versa? Do you give in as much as you give out? Balance...or not? Too much within, and we isolate, and separate, and fill up to bursting. Too much without, and we deplete resources and decay, with no feeding of self. It is the way things work. We must give to receive, and receive to give, ever equally in all directions.When we do, we are in the flow.

Life flows to, through, and out of us, and we are in the balance. Maintain this axiom consciously, and you live in abundance, prosperity, and health. If you do not...then you do not. Where are you in this continuum? This is what the song asks and tells.

It is a strong song that pushes like the ever-flowing river. Ride the waves, and sail the surface as you listen and let it in. Stay out of the eddies. Stay in the center of the channel where the current is strong, but the resistance is less. You do not want resistance...for the flow then becomes deadly. So...where do you resist? Find out, remedy that. Then, get into the flow again. Celebrate abundance, for when you do, you affirm the big picture of life. In doing so, you make manifest more than you have dreamed. There is no scarcity unless you make it so by planting and feeding thoughts that become your personal beliefs of less-than. Sure, serve that master for as long as you choose. Some people prefer suffering over the validates some old implant. And, they do so for as long as their own river is diverted.

The Universe serves its master however you choose to make it so. No accidents, simply evidence of where you were, and what you were affirming just a breath ago. Stay focused. Stay flowing. Stay clear. Make manifest the world you desire and deserve... take what you need and freely give the rest away...
Give in, give out (2x)
There’s a never ending River from Heaven
Pouring into us each day
If we close our eyes in ignorance Or throw up our resistance
The river won’t flow no way
So why not dredge the Holy Channel Make it deep make it wide
Let the manna bring abundance To the heart of our lives
      Give in, give out (2x)
When the heart is full of treasure And we’re rollin’ in the dough
Do we keep all of this goodness Inside? No, no
Riches are for sharing with our Brothers and our sisters
In giving out it’s all multiplied
We’re all part of one circle We keep feeding one another
So take what you need And freely give the rest away
Give in, give out (2x)
Everybody grew believing Scarcity was true
So we cling Holding on real tight
Let me remind you right now That by giving it away
We make room for the new
So let go, oh let go, oh let go.
Give in, give out (2x)
It may be love you give It may be food it may be money
It may be the stuff you saved
It may be hugs or moments Or a caring word or two
Or forgiving somebody you hate It doesn’t matter what the form
It’s just the giving it away 
That sends “yesses” Back to Heaven
Keeps the mighty river flowing
The mighty river flowing
The mighty river flowing
Give in, give out (2x)

              © 1994.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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