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What Lies Beyond CD

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I began writing songs in the 70’s after I used some of my college scholarship to buy a quality Martin guitar. Many of the creations in those fledgling years are songs about wounds and relationships and experiences of those particularly eventful 20’s and 30’s years. They can still be found in a blue binder that chronicles my stumblings and learnings. Most of the songs were never recorded. This CD however is a very personal sampling of that material during the years of the late 70’s and a bulk of the 80’s just as I was beginning my spiritual reawakening. They are timeless and reflect experiences common to many along this winding pathway. They are recorded in a variety of home setups and thus have a varying organic quality about them. The message comes through the rawness of the songs. Enjoy…and that is me early on in the cover pic.
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1. What Lies Beyond?
2. I’ll Sing for You
3. We Can Change the World*
4. As a Child
5. Where is Your Love?*
6. Whadda Ya Say
7. If You Will listen
8. Teacher*
9. My Dream*
10. Take Me Home
11. One Burning Question
12. Hello, My Friend
13. What Will I Be?
14. I Could Have Been
*vocals Erin Noble
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01 What Lies Beyond

02 For This I Sing

03 We Can Change

04 As A Child

05 Where Is Your Love

06 Whadda Ya Say

07 If You Will Listen

08 Teacher Teacher

09 My Dream

10 Take Me Home

11 One Burning Question

12 Hello My Friend

13 What Will I Be

14 I Could Have Been