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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Opening

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Sounding like an 80's song by The Police, this creation is to ignite the opening of the receptive self to allow the intuitive skills to flourish. Those psychic skills are programmed into the design of every human incarnate who shall ever people this planet or any other. Is that a big enough statement?!

There has never been a better time to take the journey inward to find the sacred Light. The All That Is Loves you...end of story. That knowing opens up all doors. Expect the opening to happen and reveal itself in all the flavors that you will allow. The more you allow then the more arrives...until you are whole again, flowing in the Cosmic soup of the well lived life. 

Do you hesitate? Do you think this is too much too believe? Do you think you are not worthy? Do you think you could not live in such flowing bliss? Weeellllll...stop thinking! Get moving. Put this song on and sing and dance your way into your own grand and glorious opening. Then, simply enjoy yourself. It is just so natural...See you in Shangri La.

   Come take the journey inward
   To find the sacred Light
   Higher Self is beckoning
   Remember you're Divine
   Journey in it's time
I open to my intuition right now
Believe I can receive
The subtle psychic energy
Will move to waken me
Open up my heart, Open up my mind
This is the natural way to be
Shift my life, opening, opening
Expect the psychic guidance
To be there it's by design
My body is the instrument
I choose to realign
Turning my field on, tuning myself in
This is the natural way to be
Shift my life, opening, opening
I trust what Higher Self conveys
Though ego may not agree
Intuition helps, guides me, 
Protects me on my way
I patiently take risks,
Trust what I receive
This is my natural way to be
Shift my  life, opening, opening
I act upon these feelings, 
Behold my leap of Faith
Each time of yes I reaffirm
This is the wisdom way
My life is in God's hands
My Soul in rhythmic dance
This is my natural way to be
Shift my life, opening, opening
             ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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