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Dance Your Spirit MP3 Song: Roll Me Over, Spirit

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Read the intro to the song, My Spirit is Beautiful, to understand the creation process of this song.

This dance song is a pointed invitation for the Spirit to work through you to open up your receptive channels to insure conscious action. The Spirit is the frequencies aligned with you, not some random floating residue in the 4th Dimension...just so you know. Your guides are devoted to you 24/7...but they must be called forth. So call forth and bring them to your personal party. 

In getting rolled over the intention is to let spirit give you a power wash to clear away any and all forms of energetic resistance. Prepare to tumble a bit...that becomes the dance.

Use this song to call forth the posse so they are there as desired/needed.
Roll me over Spirit
Take me away
Roll me over Spirit
Take me away
Open my mind
Open my eyes
Open my heart to the
Me inside
Down through my body
All around my soul
Spirit. Spirit
Make me whole
I wanna be flowing
I wanna be free
I wanna be living
The Truth of me

              ©2005. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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