Instrumental Music All of my instrumentals have been created with clear intention to raise the vibration of the physical and etheric bodies back to a state of balance and clarity. The keys, melodies, and rhythms are chosen to focus on one of the seven in-body chakras, or energy centers. Doing this allows the music to assist in clearing energetic debris as well as raise and maintain the health of that chakra. This can be powerful medicine to feed your personal energetics.
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Part Number: SereneSoulCD

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Serene Soul CD by Mark Stanton Welch. A powerful collection of songs that initiate a healing vibration. The accompanying narrative story has made these songs a journey into the reclamation of balance and health. Currently being used in a Northwest hospital with significant results.
Part Number: I1ChakraMajor

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Chakra Moods Major is a collection of frequency specific songs created to invigorate each of the chakras. Use to create energy and brighten your inner and outer moments.
Part Number: I2ChakraMinor

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Chakra Moods Minor CD is a collection of instrumentals created to effect the chakras in a relaxing way. Use them to bring calmness and inner focus and reflection.
Part Number: SoundAlchemyChakraRhythms

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Each in-body chakra has a frequency. That frequency can be represented by a rhythm. These seven rhythms are aligned with the seven in-body chakras. Use them to dance yourself into energetic alignment.
Part Number: I4Inward

Price: $16.00 $12.99
Inward Bound is a CD of instrumental journeys. The journey is a mind set that you embark on by listening and letting your imagination flesh out the experience. Click the CD pic or title for more information.