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Music for Authors: Sonia Choquette Super Download Special 3

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For over 10 years I traveled with and wrote songs for Sonia Choquette. Together we did many book signings, conferences with Hay House, workshops, and trainings for Sonia's Six Sensory certification programs.This specially priced super bundle contains all of the CDs of songs I wrote to support the books of the same title.Sing your Heart's Desirefocuses on manifestation.Psychic Pathwayfocused on developing intuition.True Balancewas about bring balance to one's inner self.Wise Childaddressed bringing the natural intuitive capacities into the family.Ask Your Guideswas about building our etheric guides tribe.Dance Your Spiritis about movement to the songs we would use in workshops and trainings.Translucent Yousupports the powerful Kauai five day workshop with Sonia, her sister Cuky, and 9 other healers. Trust Your Vibessupports just that, trusting the inner guidance.Answer is Simplefocuses on getting out of our own way to reclaim an existing's a bit of a greatest hits of Sonia CDs collection..

Paired with Sonia's books, these combinations form a powerful vehicle for assimilating and applying key ideas and specific tools. By themselves, the CDs are higher frequency singable songs that, when sung and repeated, assist mightily in reprogramming sub-conscious beliefs and patterns. Each is a good way to tune into higher frequency learnings that will amplify your life experience.

Get this download bundle today to start singing your way into higher vibration and a life of true balance!

Click each title to explore and listen to samples of the songs on each CD
Sing Your Heart's Desire
Songs for the Psychic Pathway
True Balance
Ask Your Guides
Wise Child
Dance Your Spirit
Translucent You
Trust Your Vibes
The Answer Is Simple
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