2020 Stay-in-Place Resources
Here you will find links to all of my resources to support your incredible expansion during these supremely expansive times of early 2020!
You will discover access to music, writings, mentorings, concert schedules, support services and so much more to assist you in raising your vibration to embrace the unfolding opportunities presenting themselves in the form of a sweeping world wide health challenge. These higher frequency  resources can help you take charge of your choices in your moments. They invite you to enter the bigger picture to flow with the new wave of higher frequency energies that are rushing to lift us up.

Explore the Stay-at-Home Resource Portal on my website with a host of other possibilities for support.
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Part Number: SongEveryOtherDaySub

Price: $15.00
Experience a different original song or chant every other day for one month delivered as a streamed performance. All songs archived for your use
Part Number: 20MinListenWitness

Price: $15.00
Need 20 Minutes of Being Listened to and Witnessed in these challenging times?

Let Mark be a support for you  in this 20 minute call.
Part Number: PersSoundAlchTreatDL

Price: $200.00 $100.00
Are you ready for an adventure? Come on in… the vibration is amazing!

Personalized Sound Alchemy Treatment to Download. Explore the details by selecting.
Part Number: StayHomePackageDL

Price: $75.00 $47.00
Stay at Home Resource Package Download consisting of 4 download CDs, 8 relevant and timely writings, one Weekly Gratitude E-Book, one How-to Article, Safe Release of Fear, and a recent recording of Mark's Easter message to Unity of Cambria, California
Part Number: StayHomeResourcePackageDLGift

Price: $47.00
This is a gift version from you to another of the Stay-at-Home Resource Package Download.

Read about it here.

Part Number: HealCHantsMantraIntSongs2020

Price: $15.00 $12.99
Healing Chants, Mantras, and Intentional Songs: for a Transformational Time AVAILABLE SOON

A new compilation CD assembled to support the amplification and raising of the personal and collective vibration in these changing days
Part Number: VibAlignAppliedSoundAlch

Price: $15.00 $12.99
Vibrational Alignment: Applied Sound Alchemy Compilation CD Available Soon

To support the unique and pressing vibrational requirements of these transformational times I have assembled intentional music from my Chakra Immersion CDs addressing the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus in body chakras. Each intentional chant, Ascended Master Call in, rattle sound treatment, and Elohim call will assist you in keeping energetically clean and to call in massive support to walk with you on this unprecedented journey into returning home to the true you.
Part Number: LivingFreqWholenessCompCD

Price: $15.00 $12.99
2020 Support Resource 3: Living in the Frequency of Wellness and Wholeness Compilation CD  Available Soon

Intentional original songs to support you in these transformational times.