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2023 Holiday Special 1:Energy Balance Foundation Package

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Creating an energetic balance is foundational to living consciously. The demands of the holiday season in particular can scatter our focus and disrupt our deeper feelings of balance. Our energy gets compromised and we become less connected in body and mind. There are energetic tools that can shift this potential and deliver us back to being solid on the earth, in body. This specially priced holiday package contains 7 tools to help you find your clear place. Click the title to explore each element of the package.

Solid on the Earth E-Book

This book is a guide, a resource, a companion for your personal journey of living moments. It was created over 52
weeks, one new grounding tool being presented each week. It was intended to be a means to develop a grounding
consciousness and a measurable grounding experience. When completed, the traveler would have all of these ways
to get back into the balance. For those who took the original creation journey with me, that purpose has been

Solid on the Earth companion CD
The compilation Theme Series CD contains songs about getting back into the power of the body as connected to the Earth. All of these songs will connect you with the Earth and re-activate your power link to the Mother planet. Combine this with the book, Solid on the Earth, with 52 different ways to get grounded, and you have yourself a complete process to consistently live in your physical and energetic home.

Complete Chakra Clearing CD
The chakra system that makes up our energetic anatomy is a profound design. It serves us in multidimensional ways, lovingly storing the unexpressed, clearing lower vibrations, assuring that we are in the flow…when it is functioning as it is designed to. Energetic blockages from the moments of living can, over time, slow the rate of the vibration of the chakra, knocking it out of balance. If the chakra is not cleared then dis-ease can begin to take hold. This CD is a complete chakra cleanse and amplification. Through specific tone, chant, and spoken affirmation/proclamation each chakra is brought back to the frequency that serves you best. Use it to focus or as background…just use it!

Serene Soul CD
Divine hands were at work in creating this CD. A friend who was going through a surgery wanted higher frequency music to support her healing. She called upon a doctor friend of hers who was also a psychologist and had done work with the music business. This friend reluctantly listened to the “New Agey Music” to put them in a sequence. The more she listened the more she connected until a story, a journey, began to take shape. She wrote down the elements of the story as vignettes, suggestions, a mind set for the listener. She then took it to a Northwest hospital where she convinced an associate in the therapeutic pool to use it. Some amazing things happened…vibrational healings and openings occurred consistently. This Cd can support you in a myriad of ways. It is predominantly instrumental.

Chakra Rhythms CD,
Movement is a powerful and necessary remedy for sluggish energy. When the chakras feel clogged or blocked then one needs to get up and improvise. Here is a special set of 9 rhythms designed for each of the 7 in body chakras as well as the Earth Star below the feet and the Soul Star above the head. Choose one and, while focusing on the particular chakra, allow yourself to start moving. There are no right steps here. Follow your impulse. Do off the wall randomness…with one arm doing this and the other doing that.for your body, mind, and spirit. Select the one you need or experience them one by one in a sequence thatbrings you back to the frequency of you, uninterrupted.

Holiday Energy Maintenance Session Call MP3 Recording,
Right in the middle of the Fall and Winter seasons the holidays occur, with their particular energetic challenges and opportunities. The season is about going inward and letting go of the debris that no longer serves you. In going home to self we reconnect with personal power and plant seeds of intention to rise up in the Spring. The holidays are about family, family of origin and family of choice, The issues related to origin often are stimulated for clearing during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year periods. Most do not realize what is going on and end up having more challenges than opportunities. Working with the unique frequencies of the season can set you into a balanced state that will allow you to flow through the unique forms that arise. Using established sound tools and activity you will learn to rediscover how you can rekindle joy during the season of jolly.

and theHow-to Article: Cutting Energetic Cords.
Energy is everywhere, the vibrational foundation of the cosmos. Every interaction is an exchange of energy. When two people connect they send out cords of energy, called Aka cords in Egyptian Huna. These cords are, for the most part, benign, seeking energetic support or sending energy. And when the two separate, so, too, the cords are severed. But when we spend more time with individuals, or in locales or settings, the energetic cordings begin to attach to our energetic and physical bodies, mostly in a mutually satisfying and nurturing manner in the beginning. But as the issues of the relationship unfold the cords start to attach more securely. They are seeking support, control, etc, depending on the intention, known or unknown, of the sender. So, over time we become interwoven energetically with others with whom we have relationship. This makes it very difficult to create full separation.

Put these in motion and you can cruise through whatever the holidays may bring. And, they will serve you far beyond this season in your moments of living as well. Be your higher vibration, order this powerful and useful download right now.
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