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Holiday Energy Maintenance Session Recorded Call

Part Number: HolidayEnergyCall
Price: $15.00 $10.00
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Right in the middle of the Fall and Winter seasons the holidays occur, with their particular energetic challenges and opportunities. The season is about going inward and letting go of the debris that no longer serves you. In going home to self we reconnect with personal power and plant seeds of intention to rise up in the Spring. The holidays are about family, family of origin and family of choice, The issues related to origin often are stimulated for clearing during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year periods. Most do not realize what is going on and end up having more challenges than opportunities. Working with the unique frequencies of the season can set you into a balanced state that will allow you to flow through the unique forms that arise. Using established sound tools and activity you will learn to rediscover how you can rekindle joy during the season of jolly. This session has a single call download. Regular session download price is $15. Get it now for the reduced price of $10.
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