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May Self Care Special CD Download Bundle

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Self Care is a primary component of one's daily living. I know this is not necessarily supported in culture and society. In fact, it is often criticized and labeled as selfish. What is not understood is that by taking care of one's own basic needs first, then there is an almost inexhaustible supply of inner resources available for others in service. From this healthy place we are able to bring our best to the moment and not get depleted by another's needs.

Here are a few perspectives about self care:
  • Self care is about tending one’s own inner energetic fields by listening, identifying, clearing, and augmenting on a regular moment by moment basis.
  • Self care requires paying attention and listening to and responding to the calls of the bodies, especially physical, emotional, and mental.
  • Self care builds a reservoir of wholeness within from which we can draw to apply to our moments of living
  • From this balanced place we can be fully present for another without confusion. We are less likely to give away our own power, take on another’s energetic debris and issues, or seek to have another fix or fill us up. It is from this place of taking care of our own needs that we are able to fully integrate and practice unconditional love.
  • Self care is an ongoing moment by moment process. It requires monitoring and adjusting and acting upon what is discerned.
  • Self care invites us to live largely, experiencing life on many levels, embracing the natural world, and being fully present to the forms of our moments. In this state we take risks and step up willingly.

It is May and we are out of the internal incubation time of Winter. With new intentions and actions ready to be launched and acted upon it is a Godsend to have musical resources to support that process of awakening into the Spring. This 8 CD download special consists of CDs that will help you keep self care at the forefront of your thoughts and actions. Repetition builds new habits. Listening to life affirming songs over and over will water the seeds you planted internally during the Winter reflection and adjustment.

Click the CD title to explore the CD and listen to samples of each song.

With the CD, Solid on the Earth, you will have a set of songs that serve to ground you into your physical body so that you can amplify your Earth connection to be solid in your moments of living.

A Brand New Day supports the energetics of change that are so rampant in the Spring. Use these songs to propel you into the action that will create your life affirming habits.

Be Here Now is a set of songs to bring you back to the Now Moment where all of your inner resources are available to engage the forms before you.

Fire in the Soul invites you to reactivate the passion that dwells in the Sacral Chakra. It is the perfect soundtrack to the life force of the Spring Season.

Opening Up supports your balance in the physical body. Each song is created to align cells to their frequency of wholeness and health.Use these songs to reclaim vitality and a balanced state from which you can thrive through your moments of living.

So Connected looks at the many relationships we have while in our incarnational form. These are times of connection, of coming together in our uniqueness to unify with our Earthly community so that the fuller, richer life can be enjoyed.Let these songs open you up to the bigger, more inclusive life.

The I That Is Me directly addresses the issues of personal value and self-esteem. Too many humans are been seduced by what is called the Doctrine of Limitations and believe that they are less than. This incorrect perspective robs us of our willingness to rediscover who we are and live exclusively in that frequency. Use these songs to bolster and solidify your own sense of self.

Thunder of Silence invites us to reclaim our personal power so that we can live our moments with clarity, strong intention, and an unwavering willingness to make high frequency choices and take action on them. These songs will give you your strength back.They will rebalance the Solar Plexus Chakra center to allow you to make decisions and take action while in your growing power.

Take advantage of this almost 50% off sale on these essential inner resources of life affirming. life aligning music. Download them them now and get moving on your Springtime plan of action and thriving.

This bundle is also available in shipped CD form. Click to access that page for ordering
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