Music for Authors-Specials Music and words are a perfect combination. Sure, that is what a song is. But when the music is used to augment and empower the spoken word it carries a new vibration and creates a beautiful energetic dance. I discovered in my own workshops how I could use music and created songs using content to impact the workshop experience. Making a short repetitive song with the course content would help participants to remember better, In the 90's when our Unity Church in San Luis Obispo, California was vibrant enough to attract New Thought authors for speaking events and workshops I started to write songs for their books. I thought one of them would resonate with the idea and I could expand with other books and maybe even travel and do some events with them. A parade of notable authors came through but none was open to the idea until I met Random House author, Sonia Choquette, PhD. At an event at Unity Village in the Kansas City area I was called to support an event with her. I picked up a copy of Your Heart's Desire, and wrote songs for it while I was in a youth camp in North Carolina. When I got to the Unity event I played the songs for Sonia and wove them through the conference. By the end we realized that we had something special and agreed to work together. For over ten years we did so.  

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