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Spring 2024 Special Download Bundle

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In celebration of the great Spring Vibe take advantage of a collection of CDs and information to solidify your connection to the the Earth and celebrate the beauty of life in this season of awakening. Consists of 5 CD downloads, an E-book download, and 7 Weekly Gratitude practices...all at a special down-to-Earth price

Five Downloadable CDs: (click title to listen to samples)






Downloadable E-Book:(click title to explore contents)


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Earth Star Chakra
3. Breath
4. Birth Name
5. Chanting
6. Energetics
7. Use Mantra
8. Use Proclamation
9. Garden
10. Use Minerals
11. Release Emotional Debris
12. Spend Time in Nature
13. Dance and Move
14. Sing
15. Drum
16. Rattle Cleanse
17. Get in Water
18. Meditate
19. Guided Journeys
20. Exercise
21. Change Your Beliefs
22. Observe, Step Back, Pause
23. Earth Food
24. Aromatherapy
25. Engage in Play and Laughter
26. Feng Shui
27. Energetic Cleanse
28. Fast
29. Do What Gives You Life
30. Complete Tasks
31. Be Present for Others
32. Speak the Unspoken
33. Make Personal Connections
34. Practice Invocations
35. Align with Earth Frequencies
36. Allow and Encourage Emotion
37. Step Back and See Things the Way They Are
38. Take Care of Responsibilities
39. Cleanse the Chakras
40. Make Sure Needs are Met
41. Connect to Source
42. Clear Your Thinking
43. Get the Facts Before Responding
44. Help Others
45. Exercise Will
46. Remain Open
47. Journal
48. Create
49. Voice Play
50. Refrain from Investing in Drama
51. Have Fun, Laugh and Play (again…it’s that important
52. Get Some Body Work
53. Experience Living Moments with Your Whole Body
54. Afterwards

7 Written Weekly Gratitude Practices in PDF format (click to explore Weekly Gratitudes sample)
  1. Gratitude for Grounding
  2. Gratitude for Water
  3. Gratitude for Air
  4. Gratitude for Plants
  5. Gratitude for the Ethers
  6. Gratitude for the Sunlight
  7. Gratitude for the Elementals
I suggest that you use these songs and information and action to expand your relationship with Nature and the Earth. Spend time in the outdoors and open to the delicious and respectful connection that is a gift of our incarnations.

Make this Spring Bundle a Spring Gift for a friend or two.
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