Youth Empowerment CD Downloads As a Fourth Grade classroom teacher in a Paso Robles, California, for almost 20 years I learned a lot about myself as well as the many children I was privileged to facilitate along the way. I taught in the very school where I went to as a boy. I learned quickly that I was there to heal some old wounds and learn to champion the revolutionary idea of self-esteem that burst forth in the late seventies and through the 80's. Every day I was a witness to the magnificent beings before me. Music was a regular part of our afternoon routine and I also played music through the week in a variety of local clubs.  As I started to take my music out to others all over the country, I began to see how short, repetitive messages in chant form had an empowering capacity to not only feed the mind, but also assist in clearing a lot of old energetic wounding. This category reflects lots of creations that have fed thousands of children of all ages. The new generations are very high frequency beings. It is our task as adults to assist in keeping their inner knowing intact so they can flower into the powerful ones they are...destined to help this world rise out of the old limited thinking and believing. Use these recordings to assist your children as well as your self. Doing so will slow down your aging...honest!

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