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Be Love, See Love CD MP3 Download

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I travel a great deal and share music and spoken word at a host of events within the new thought field. Typically there is a theme that represents the intentional work of the camp or retreat weekend. I will usually write new songs to support the new theme if I do not already have some in my personal catalog. It is a joy to do, as I am able to capture the flavor of the collective experience and teach songs that embrace content and intent. We all end up singing our way through the length of the event.The bulk of these songs are from Camp experiences with Uniteens and YOU (Youth of Unity) groups and are, as such, higher frequency in content and intent. They empower and they remind the listener/singer of the greater self within, intending to reawaken the deep inner knowing of the truth of who he/she is, beyond what I have come to call, the Doctrine of Limitations (cultural programming that we are flawed, limited, less than, etc.)

These songs are inspiring and empowering to youth as well as adult, for too often the wounds of the adult are put into place during the years of childhood. The chaos of the teen years can lead to a whole assortment of beliefs and actions that are disempowering. It is never too late to wake up. Songs like these are assisting in energetically shifting the resistance and the energetic debris of limiting beliefs. Most are short and repetitive and, like a chant or a mantra, use the repetition to "reprogram" the subconscious beliefs, resulting in an expanded life that reflects higher frequency knowings.

I use these songs at all levels. I invite you to find your favorites and let them sing within you. They are intended to clear and expand your inner understanding of you. Let them do that by singing them often, allowing yourself to wake up with them in mind (a good sign that they are infiltrating into the places where the old beliefs are kept).

These recordings feature me and my guitar. I have been asked by those who hear me in that context to make this one just like they experience me. I have added some harmonies and solo guitar here and there, but, for the most part, I am with you in your living room or around the campfire. It has been very fun to do...

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Be Love, See Love
A Sacred Soul
The Invitation
We Are All Travelers
Fearless in the Fog
Everywhere I Go
The Five Step Shuffle
Stop Fakin’, Reawaken
I Wanna Be Me
Time to Deepen
Me and God
All Is Well


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01 BeLoveSeeLoveSample

02 SacredSoulSample

03 TheInvitationSample

04 WeAreAllTravelersSample

05 FearlessintheFogSample

06 EverywhereIGoSample

07 FiveStepShuffleSample

08 StopFakinReawakenSample

09 IWannaBeMeSample

10 TimetoDeepenSample

11 IfSample

12 MeandGodSample

13 AllIsWellSample