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2023 Holiday Special Sound Alchemy Bundle Three: Sound Alchemy Foundation Super Bundle Downloads

Part Number: 2023HolidaySA3FoundationSuperBDL
Price: $288.00 $167.00
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Sound Alchemy is the process of intentionally influencing the vibration and frequency of sound for the purpose of raising vibration to a state of resonance, harmony, and balance. Alchemy precipitates change. It intends to assist in the clearing of residual toxic, low vibration debris within the physical and energetic bodies to clarify and balance the personal vibration. The alchemical process involves intention, pitched sound, voice, toning, chant, mantra, rhythm, and sound tools (such as quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, rattles, bells, gongs, drums,tuning forks, and more). This specially priced bundle will provide a solid foundation in the tools of Sound Alchemy.
Start with an assortment of 11 Sound Alchemy CDs that address various tools for shifting vibration and raising frequency. Then add over nine hours of actual Chakra Clearing Sessions from a year long conference call course I facilitated several years ago. These sessions will assist you in getting going on clearing your own chakras as well as experiencing how to assist others to do so.
Finally, you will also get another nine plus hours of session calls that addressed the new and exciting study of the back side of each in body chakra, where the actual Celestial template enters to then be assimilated into form on the front side and into your life’s moments. These live call recordings will introduce the character of the back side and also expand on the 5 external chakras, give information and technique for clearing and supporting, and give you new chants and intentional songs to support the frequency of these energy centers. This is brand new stuff. All in a single holiday bundle at an incredible price. This set is only available as a download. Though, if you really desire the CDs contact me and we can work something out.
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