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A Very Merry Christmas Bundle Four: Complete Download of All Mark's CDs

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A Very Merry Christmas Bundle 4: Complete Download of All Mark's CDs

Yes, an incredible sale of the Celestial kind! In 2021 I am traveling less and building a presence back home in the San Luis Obispo, California area moving towards launching a Sound Alchemy Center in 2023. Part of the plan is to significantly grow the audience to all the existing CDs. I want people to experience personally the power of the conscious, high frequency, positive music that I have created over the last 25 years. I want to get the music in more hands than ever before. And with that in mind, if you make this purchase of this very special offer you have my permission to share/send one download CD to each of 60 people...honestly. Get them to start listening so they can feel the impact. And have fun deciding who gets, teens, Millennials, adults, decide. I just want the music to be heard by more and more people. Obviously I intend that they will then start visiting the site and make their own purchases. That would be the great win-win!

This sale goes through February 1, 2022

This is an incredible collection of conscious music that raises vibration and assists you in finding balance. It will serve you in many ways. Give yourself, or a friend, a Christmas gift that will serve you from now on in expansive ways. Let the songs massage your energy and assist you in remembering your true self. It is time!

You will get a total of 61 CDs to download: (HOLY MOLY!!!) your leisure, by the way

For your Special low cost of $200.

Here are the included CDs in their respective categories.

CORE CDs (the original CDs from which I built the Theme CDs and the Musical Prescriptions)

Deep December Wake Up What Lies Beyond Jesus, The Christ

Life Is Good True Balance Heart's Desire Psychic Pathway Wise Child Twelve Powers

Translucent You Pure Love Alive I Am Holy Cafe Building My Field of Dreams

Trust Your Vibes Dance Your Spirit Puttin' My Talent to Work Peace Will Fill the World You Have the Power

Peace Will Fill the World

THEME CDs (compilations of songs from Core CDs and some Sound Alchemy CDs to focus on a healing theme. When combined they create a legitimate healing energy that seriously changes their vibrational impact)

Solid on the Earth (Grounding) A Brand New Day (Change) Ask Your Guides (Guidance) Be Here Now (In the Now)

Eternal Soul (Transitions 2) Fire in the Soul (Life and Passion) Strength (Advanced 12 Step)

Here in the Heart (Transition 1) I Am at Ease (Meditation) I Am Love (Love)

Opening Up (Health) Simplify (Conscious Living) Art of Self Care (Double CD) The I That Is Me (Self Esteem)

There's Plenty for All (Abundance) Thunder of Silence (Power) Wani Wachialo (World Cultures)

Dance Your Spirit (Movement)

SOUND ALCHEMY SERIES ( sounds, songs, and music to assist in clarifying personal vibration, the chakras, and the energy bodies)

Complete Chakra Clearing Root Chakra Immersion Sacral Chakra Immersion Solar Plexus Chakra Immersion

Chants Soundscapes Mantras: Words of Power Dance Your Spirit Sung Mantras

The New Vibration Spoken Gratitudes


Serene Soul Inward Bound Chakra Moods in Major Keys Chakra Moods in Minor Keys

Chakra Rhythms


BE Love See Love Hello World Simple Living Life Is Good Appreciation Ceremony

We Circle Around You Have the Power

Once ordered you will receive a receipt with download codes for all 61 CDs. They will be in a zip file format containing all the MP3s on the album. Unzip the CD into a folder on the desktop named something like Mark Stanton Welch CDs. Each CD will unload all the songs so I encourage you to put each CD in a folder titled the CD Name inside the main MSW folder on the desktop. That way your songs will be contained for download into your MP3 player.

Questions or issues regarding download please contact me at or phone 805.927.2416.

Give this incredible bundle as a gift to someone you care about.

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