Atlantean Chants The ancient civilization of Atlantis was actually quite advanced as they were a descendent from the Celestial Civilizations. Their wisdom and knowledge was an early part of the colonization of Planet Earth in an effort to see how the parameters of duality and polarity and free will would play out. The freedom gained in a dimension of unrestricted free will allowed incarnates to branch off into different experiences to explore a flavor of the I Am That I Am Expressing As Me, an action that is fully supported and encouraged by Source Directive. The focus on science and technology by these “renegades” had consequences in eliciting swift change, much unlike the slow transformation of the Pleiadian descendent Lemurian Society earlier, which was able to slowly locate before the islands in the Pacific were overrun with water. These chants have come through the dimensional research of the late Dr. Frank Alpert. To him we are so grateful to have access to them for current application. His out of print three part series titled, Exploring Atlantis,  is a mighty resource I am happy to have picked up years ago from the Yes! Bookshop in Washington D.C..
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