Mark Stanton Welch Empowerment Services Mark has been providing a variety of services for individuals to assist them in learning about and integrating new higher frequency information in these remarkable times of change. From online courses to individual mentorings to the exposure to new Sound Alchemy tools and processes, he has been a consistent resource to those who were ready and willing to rediscover their deeper truth and capacities. 

For the next two weeks these powerful, supportive services are available at a very reduced price, just in time for the Fall and Winter times of reflection and visioning.

Enroll in some cutting edge courses that will help you remember and consciously access your true design to allow you to thrive in this beautiful life.

These are unique opportunities to work one to one with Mark via phone or Skype. They are each a specific number of sessions with companion information on the website, Music for Every Soul. Weekly sessions are a combination of information sharing, application of the information, and relating the information to specific elements of your current life. Each mentoring is an investment in your reclaiming your clarity and greater understanding of the Whole You. The course investment is based on these elements. 

Sound Alchemy Experiences
Explore a variety of higher frequency offerings that can change your personal vibration to free up more of your original energetic design. Sound is a profound  tool for change. 

Special Services
Explore some tools and experiences that can significantly change how life shows up for you. Raising your personal vibrations is a skill that can be learned and applied easily to your moments of living.

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Part Number: ServicesSale40SpiritualMentoringB1

Price: $1,000.00 $650.00
Part Number: Services40SaleSpiritualMentoringB2

Price: $1,000.00 $650.00
Part Number: Services40%InnerChildMentoring

Price: $897.00 $525.00
Secure the 10 session Inner Child Mentoring process...a personalized one to one experience
Part Number: services40SaleRebirthofIAm

Price: $1,650.00 $990.00
Are you ready for a remarkable three day adventure and transformation with Mark on the Central Coast of California? Then, let's explore more...
Part Number: Services40%OffSaleToolsfortheTimes

Price: $297.00 $178.00
Tools for the Times
If you desire to know about the way things are from an esoteric perspective then explore all 28 sessions. Your experience of this life and the multi-dimensional living afforded us will expand exponentially.
Part Number: Service40SaleLivingAsIf

Price: $1,750.00 $1,150.00
This is the course where we stop the learning treadmill and apply the tools as we access them. Talk about an adventure. You and I will walk it together...
Part Number: Services40%OffSaleVibrationalAttunement

Price: $495.00 $297.00
Explore the power of your voice to direct your energetic self back to a place of expanded wholeness. 
Part Number: Services40%OffSaleHealingMusicMusiciansMentoring

Price: $457.00 $274.00
If you are a musician who writes music then you may want to explore how you can direct your creations towards the vibrational power of healing energetics and physical issues. This is a unique course that will teach you ancient, esoteric, and cutting edge information and technique.
Part Number: Services40SaleChakraClearingSessionsRecordings

Price: $79.00 $48.00
Access complete recordings of two years of monthly chakra clearing sessions. A treasure trove of Sound Alchemy tools and information.
Part Number: Services40saleReclaimingNaturalVoice

Price: $757.00 $454.00
Reclaim your natural voice to activate your expansive personal power