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Song of the Every-Other-Day Subscription

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Every other day starting Monday, May 11, 2020, I will sit in front of the Mac and sing a song for you to use for the next couple of days. I will send you a link to lyrics so you can sing along, though many will be short and repetitive and are easy to learn. The songs all will have relevance to what is going on in this transforming world of ours.
There might even be a chant or two shared.
I will sing the song and record the video using Zoom. You will have access to all the songs as they unfold. 15 total for the duration of the month through June 11.
Once you subscribe, at $15 for the 15 songs, you will receive the link and password to use.
I will present the song every other day at 9:30 AM Pacific Standard Time.As a bonus I will include an empowerment statement for your use as well.

You will receive a link and password before each song is presented.

Explore the Stay-at-Home Resource Portalon my website with a host of other possibilities for support.
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